What is MAI?

MAI is a CDP (collateralized debt position), a USD-pegged stablecoin backed by collateral, and available on 13 chains and across 77 collaterals. Using the Mai Finance app, users can mint MAI by depositing an accepted collateral asset into a vault. When the loan is repaid to retrieve the collateral, the paid back MAI is burned. Mai Finance offers 0% interest on all loans with a 0.5% repayment fee. Visit the Mai Finance documentation for more details.

MAI Price (30d)

1 MAI = 0.9919 USD
1 MAI = 0.9909 DAI
1 MAI = 0.984 LUSD
1 MAI = 0.9899 USDC
1 MAI = 0.9899 USDT

Normalized Volatility For MAI Vs Similar Stables (90d)

Normalized volatility is a statistical measure used to quantify the amount of risk associated with a particular investment. For our risk assessments, it represents the standard deviation of prices over a given period of time. Normalizing the volatility provides an accurate representation of risk inherent in an asset when compared to other assets. Below is a comparison of MAI to similar decentralized stablecoins on the market, as well as ranking from least to most volatile.

1. MIM = 0.36%
2. MAI = 0.39%
3. sUSD = 0.67%
4. alUSD = 0.83%
5. LUSD = 1.24%

Daily MAI Volume (30d)


MAI Backing By Vault Type

    Volatile 51.86%
  •   Stable 19.55%
  •   Interest Bearing 28.59%

MAI Backing By Chain


MAI Backing By Risk Grading